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Hello Management of BBC!

Hello Management of BBC: Greetings

Why is it, that BBC always states much Less(than Actual) population of Muslims world-wide, & BBC does NOT reports Genocide of Millions of Muslims done by Hindus/Chinese-Communists/Jews/Russian-orthodox Church/Dalai-Lama-Buddhists/etc/etc, in many countries/world-wide …?

Muslims are approx 2500-Million in the world…..Africa approx 75%(750-Million), Bangladesh 200-Million, Pakistan 200-Million, Indonesia 275-Million, Russia 17%, Turkey 90 Million, Egypt 85 Million, etc

India has 40% Muslims(approx 440-Million) but MUSLIMS have practically ZERO-POWER in Parliament-Political/Economic/Democratic/Police/Courts/Military/Media/Banks/etc….Muslims are 40% but LESS than 4% JOBS in indian-GOVT/Police/Courts/Media/Military/Banks/Universities/Schools/Colleges/etc/etc..practically ZERO % Jobs of Power(Mgmnt, decision-making, police/courts/military/etc, for MUSLIMS inside India….440-Million Muslims inside India, but NOT allowed to chat/discuss with any other Country’s Muslim on phone, as ALL indian- MUSLIMS Phones are Taped/Recorded by India’s Govt-Agency/RAW…..& many Genocides-of-Muslims committed since 1947, by Brahman-Hindus….in Indian Occupied Kashmir, since 1947, hundreds of thousands of Muslims Killed/Raped/Butchered/Blinded…current PM-Modi directly/indirectly Supervised in 2002 the Genocide of Thousands & Thousands of Muslims inside Gujaraat…but BBC NEVER reports all these Genocide….

Communist CHINA is worse than India for Muslims(approx 20% Muslims in China, but MUSLIMS kept as SLAVES of Communists….Muslims NOT allowed to go to MOSQUES, to have RAMADHAN, to MEET with any MUSLIM world-wide, visit Makkah-Medina/HAJJ/etc…Muslims KILLED by Chinese-Govt for asking JOBS & for asking Fundamental-Human-Rights…Muslims Forced at Gun-Point to become Communist…etc, etc…

Russian orthodox church doing GENOCIDE of Muslims inside Russian Occupied Dagestan/Uzbekistan/Kazakhastan/Turkmanistan/Chechnia/Kyrgistan/etc/etc.

In Myanmar, Dilai-Lama & Govt.Chief/Su-Kie/Buddhists are conducting GENOCIDE of Million of MUSLIMS..

etc, etc…..

PLEASE, we used to TRUST BBC 60/50/40 years back, & we humbly-asking BBC to again tell the TRUTH.

Arshad Ali Khan

Ummaa Broadcasting
Ummaa Broadcastinghttps://www.ummaabroadcasting.us
Continuing public service programs in the field of political and social issues relevant to Muslims produced and distributed over television, satellite, film, audio, video, internet, and 3-D virtual reality media. Media Member: Rolla Chamber of Commerce, Missouri-65401 PMP-120, 1910 Madison Avenue, Memphis, TN – 38104


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