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Letter issued to Senator Bob Corker

Hello Senator Bob Corker: Salaams & Greetings from Memphis

Forcefully-support your great-statement against Mr Trump’s immature statements…you must run for re-election.

Our president must understand that we are democracy, not a police-state (like Russia, China, Myanmar, etc…we elected him as our employee for 4-yrs, to respect & serve all Americans, not to act as spoiled-millionaire-brat, who still thinks he running beauty-contest or a private party…he 24/7 insults Americans (like yourself, ethical-journalists/etc, who make him accountable to public.

Whenever you are in Memphis for public-discourse, let me know date/time, so we can also meet-discuss. Regards

Ummaa Broadcasting
Ummaa Broadcastinghttps://www.ummaabroadcasting.us
Continuing public service programs in the field of political and social issues relevant to Muslims produced and distributed over television, satellite, film, audio, video, internet, and 3-D virtual reality media. Media Member: Rolla Chamber of Commerce, Missouri-65401 PMP-120, 1910 Madison Avenue, Memphis, TN – 38104


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