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Babri Masjid & MODI(Hindutva-RSS) & VHPA

From: Arshad Khan 
Date: Tue, Nov 12, 2019 at 11:39 PM
Subject: Re: Babri Masjid & MODI(Hindutva-RSS) & VHPA
To: Malik Mujahid , Imam Malik Mujahid , Julie Brown,Casey Frank , Mass Womens Political Caucus , American Human Rights , Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi, Adel Elsaie , Liza Anderson  , Washington Examiner , Algemeiner  ,Omar Noureldin, Karen Magnuson, Muslim News, Javed Khan BJP

TO: World Hindu Council of America (“VHPA”)”Vishwanas Hindu Prasad of America”{we/UMMAA Broadcasting/US media Co, believe YOUR Name-abbreviation is}
World HIndu Council of America is an independent, nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) and volunteer-based charitable organization serving the needs of the Hindu community in the US.  For more information about VHPA on www.vhp-america.org
Arun Joshi (732) 820-0170 

Brahm Sharma (609) 200-0160 

Dr. Jai Bansal (856) 322-2920 

Archna Kumar (732)372-1911 
Hello VHPA/USA: Greetings from UMMAA Broadcasting, Rolla, Missouri
1) Review below “Action Items for Hindu-Americans” from Abdul Malik Mujahid/SoundVision-Chicago
2) What Abdul Malik Mujahid missed, about your VHPA(American-Branch/Chapter/Sister-Org/etc, of Hindutva-RSS-MODI), we/UMMAA Broadcasting will try to explain…also, approx 400-MILLION MUSLIMS in india…
3) if Our US-media HONESTLY investigates, will Find:- VHP is RSS is BajrangDal is BackBone of MODI-Bjp(HINDUTVA-idealogy, is terrorist-idealogy in ALL Civilized Democracies-WORLD)…After Muslims-GENOCIDE in Gujarat, MODI visa was CANCELLED by Our US-Gov…etc, etc..
4) You all at VHPA(Non-Profit), using Our American Tax$$, to SUPPORT(Politically/Secretly/Covertly//idealogy/indirect-Finance/etc), THE Muslims-Genocide by Hindutva-RSS-MODI, as DIPLOMATICALLY explained below by Mr Mujahid, is a CRIME under our US Constitution(please Ask CAIR Attorneys, or US Justice deptt)
PS: To SAVE Our American DEMOCRACY & Make AMERICA Honestly GREAT, we have issued below editorial#:

UMMAA Broadcasting, Rolla USA (@arshad_usa) Tweeted:–

  #MUSLIMSforWARREN She will inshallah CONTROL(Health Care Cost; Abuse of Power;  Racism-Bigotry; Billions from Overseas-Wars) & will SUPPORT(Women; Blacks; Muslims; Work-Class) & use Saved Billions from Wars for our US Cities Dev; Journalist/Arshad Khan/Memphishttps://twitter.


>>>Folks: Please Support/Propagate, to “SAVE Democracy” in our USA<<<Arshad Khan(PE/Kansas; twitter @Arshad_USA ; facebook); member/Reporters-sans-FrontiersUMMAA Broadcasting; American Media Company(www.UmmaaBroadcasting.US)(Media-member/Rolla Chamber of Commerce, Missouri, USA

Address: PMP-120, 1910 Madison Ave, Memphis, TN-38104(fax: 901-725-9174)

Hello Folks..below issued/ posted at faceBook(of Journalist Arshad Khan, & www.UmmaaBroadcasting.US), unless “Censured” by “Enemies” of American Working-Class(75% our USA):Chinese Communist-Govt “doing MUSLIMS-GENOCIDE”(ww Media showing 24/7); Same as Hindutva-MODI Doing Allover india, Budhist-AungSuKi doing in Burma, ThaiGov in Thailand, SriLankaGov in SriLanka, OrthoDoxChurch/PUTIN doing in Russian-Occupied Muslim-Majority Countries(Chechniya, Dagestan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhistan, etc), JewistGov doing in Occupied-Falasteen..etc….ONLY Because, Except for Turkey’s ERDOGAN Alive, Today, OIC is practically DEAD…Rgrds, Journalist Arshad Khan/Memphis(www.UmmaaBroadcasting.US  

From: Imam Malik Mujahid 
Date: Mon, Nov 11, 2019 at 11:18 AM
Subject: Babri Masjid & Modi: Thinking Points & Talking Points

The RSS, which is the paramilitary Hindu organization of India, has conquered another mosque in that country, marching forward with its anti-minority fascist agenda under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, who is himself a member of RSS.

Modi was in fact banned from entering the USA, UK and Canada because he presided over a massacre of Muslims as the RSS demolished the 500-year-old Babri mosque on Dec 6, 1992.

The land of Mahatma Gandhi has been taken over by his killers. Today, the chief of the RSS is enjoying the same security in India as the Prime Minister of India. That is fitting, as RSS runs India today. 

Institution after institution has been taken over by the RSS. India’s Supreme Court is one such institution. The Supreme Court had acknowledged that the installation of idols in the Masjid was illegal. It has also called the demolishing of the Masjid in 1992 while the police and administration watched illegal. However, by ruling in favor of those who committed the heinous acts, and now claim it to be the birthplace of Ram with no supporting evidence, the Supreme Court has now legalized their actions by awarding the mosque and its endowment of 65 acres to Hindu extremists.

Bricks and mortar do not matter. It is the trauma being inflicted on 200 million Indian Muslims that matters the most. Bit by bit, they are being ghettoized and turned into second-class citizens of their homeland. That is exactly what the RSS wants. 

Today India is the only country in the world with two genocide alerts in place. One is in its state of Assam, where the government has stripped 1.9 million Muslims of their citizenship. The second is for Indian-occupied Kashmir, where rape, torture, and the kidnapping of young boys has become the Indian army’s modus operandi.  

Long ago, the RSS declared Indian Muslims are like the Jews of Nazi Germany, and that they will deal with them as Hitler dealt with the Jews. What they must remember, however, is what happened to Hitler and his ideology. 

Thinking Points

  • The cycle of terror-war-Islamophobia continues to produce trauma, mental as well as physical. The governments and armies of China, India, Burma, and the Central African Republic have all used the same tactics to target the Uighurs, the Kashmiris, the Rohingya and Muslims in the Central African Republic. It starts with accusations of being foreigners, terrorists, and extremists. This dehumanization then lays the groundwork for rape, torture, and ultimately, genocide. 
  • What can Muslims do to break the vicious cycle of terror-war-Islamophobia?
  • The masters of Islamophobia operate from the United States, where they benefit from hundreds of millions of dollars from non-profit organizations set up to promote their deadly agenda. What budget have American Muslims and their allies allocated to counter this deadly propaganda that is killing our brothers and sisters around the world? 
  • Masjids are the usual target of Islamophobes worldwide
          .  Extremists are targeting thousands of mosques in India. Prayer for Muslims …….. at the mosque next to the historic Taj Mahal has already been prohibited.  ……..  And calls are being made to turn Taj Mahal to Ram  Mahal
          .  China is demolishing mosques and churches
          .  In Burma, thousands of Rohingya mosques have been razed to the ground
          .  US Ambassador Samantha Power told the United Nations four years ago …….. that almost all mosques in the Central African Republic are demolished. 
  • Mosques have also been a target in Europe, the United States, and Canada as well. However, law enforcement in these countries protects mosques and prosecutes the criminals

Etiquette of Criticizing others

  • First, think about your motives before speaking. Our aim when speaking up and speaking out must be for the sake of God, His acceptance and love. And God loves human interconnectedness and goodwill, not hate and intolerance 
  • Muslims must be just. While criticizing RSS extremists, we must not generalize their deadly deeds to all Hindus and all Indians. Otherwise, we will be guilty of dehumanization as well
  • Islam emphasizes the importance of not insulting other people’s faith or beliefs (6:108). We must remember this when making our points 

Talking Points

In your family

  • It is important to emphasize that freedom of religion in America, law and order, and our democracy make America a better place for people of all religions to practice their faith. These freedoms must be protected. This is yet another reason to be engaged and active in our election cycle
  • Ask children what they know about Islamophobia 
  • Children are a part of the global village. They need to know what is happening to Muslims abroad
  • Can your family plan to devote time and money this election cycle to protect our freedoms?
  • Can you volunteer 3 hours a week for 3 months to protect the freedom of Muslims in Kashmir, India, China and Burma?

In the mosque

  • We request that the points mentioned here be used in Khutbas to educate the community about 1. The state of Indian Muslims 2. The cycle of terror-war-Islamophobia 3. The importance of religious freedom in Islam and in the American constitution. 4. The demolition of mosques around the world.
  • Here is an article by Imam Malik Mujahid about human connectedness in Islam that can be used for a Khutba

Action Items for Hindu Americans

There are some Hindu Americans who are concerned about what is happening in India. But their voices are rarely heard, while RSS-oriented groups in America are loud. It is giving India a bad name and leading people to generalize about the country and its people. If Muslim Americans publicly speak out against terrorists and the RSS, it is important for Hindu Americans to liberate themselves from Indian nationalism enough to distance themselves from RSS and the Hindutva ideology

Since non-resident Indians have special rights in India, they should work to move India towards openness and democracy. Pass a resolution in Hindu Temples and Hindu organizations to:

  • Ask the Indian government to allow the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) to visit India, which they have so far denied.
  • Ask the Indian government to allow US Senators and Congresspersons to visit Kashmir and Assam, which they have also so far denied.
  • Ask the Indian government to allow the United Nations full access to investigate, which has also been denied.
  • Strongly condemn the RSS and Hindutva ideology

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