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Canada Sees the Genocide in China. Why can’t we?

#Canada Correct #UighurGenocide in #China#CCPChina Also #MuslimTwitter#MuslimLivesMatter GENOCIDES in #Palestinians#IndiaWithModi#Kashmir#Russia#Myanmar#Africa WHY #Biden#KamalaHarris@harrisonjaime@SpeakerPelosi@OIC_OCI DEAF_DUMB - BBC News

Hindutva can’t tolerate a hindu meeting with any Muslim? Amitabh Bachan criticized over meeting Anil Mussarat’s family.

In a recent hindutva conservative thrashing, the bollywood legend Amitabh Bachan was criticized for meeting a Pakistan born British businessman, Anil Mussarat...

Investigation launched, apologies made after black barrister mistaken for defendant three times in a day

England and Wales courts head apologises after Alexandra Wilson describes having to ‘constantly justify existence’ This was reported on...

Muslims keep disappearing in ‘magical’ China. Can anybody help them recover?

By Hollie McKayFirst Published September 17, 2020 by Fox News For Ziba Murat, waiting for word of what became...

Next Generation of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Kwame Nkrumah (Baba) is fighting for Civil Rights today #BlackLivesMatter

My Fellow #Americans 330-MILLION, & Fellow #Africans 1200-MILLION, & Fellow#Muslims 2500-MILLION:- PLEASE Review BBC_News. Because TODAY, Our #USA Powerful #Media HIDING_TRUTH of...

Police shot a man 7 times in the back

BREAKING: Large protests erupting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, following an incident where police shot a man 7 times in the back; individual is...

Check Out This 1949 Interview With a Former Slave | Larry Elder

Larry says one reason why he has such little patience for the social justice warriors of today is because of the experiences...

Fundamental Human Rights denied in Sri Lanka for Muslims amid Corona

Courtesy: BBC https://twitter.com/arshad_usa/status/1279749136213041154?s=20 Sri Lankan authorities are insisting on cremation for coronavirus victims - a...

Protesters Make Room for Muslim Prayers During BLM March

These protesters marching for George Floyd formed a circle of solidarity around their Muslim peers during the Islamic prayer of Asr.

Hello Management of BBC!

Hello Management of BBC: Greetings Why is it, that BBC always states much Less(than Actual) population of Muslims world-wide, & BBC does NOT reports Genocide...
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