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Court Case again Malik Riaz, Bahria Town

Court case filed against of the richest Pakistani real estate magnate Malik Riaz Hussain of Bahria Town. UmmaaBroadcasting investigates.

Conversation: MUSLIMS-POPULATION: 2500-MILLION(2.5 BILLION) World-wide

Greetings from UMMAA Broadcasting LLC, USA.Some of your below comments, it appears from TERRORIST/RSS-Hindutva/ILLITERATE Brahmans(probably from Brahmans Terrorist secret-agency/RAW inside Hindoostan/india)...YOU Folks...

Canada Sees the Genocide in China. Why can’t we?

#Canada Correct #UighurGenocide in #China#CCPChina Also #MuslimTwitter#MuslimLivesMatter GENOCIDES in #Palestinians#IndiaWithModi#Kashmir#Russia#Myanmar#Africa WHY #Biden#KamalaHarris@harrisonjaime@SpeakerPelosi@OIC_OCI DEAF_DUMB - BBC News

Why can’t he read the last line?

In a political cartoon circulating in social media, Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, is being asked to read the...

Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan warns of rising Islamophobia

The driving force in international relations must be cooperation, in accordance with the principles...

America’s glorious decades of destruction

Just recently, Senior National Correspondent and anchor for MSNBC, Chris Jansing has expressed her views on latest plans of America and...

Hindutva can’t tolerate a hindu meeting with any Muslim? Amitabh Bachan criticized over meeting Anil Mussarat’s family.

In a recent hindutva conservative thrashing, the bollywood legend Amitabh Bachan was criticized for meeting a Pakistan born British businessman, Anil Mussarat...

The Jamaican Bhangra by Kamala Harris.

View this post on Instagram ...

Pakistan Celebrating a victory in a fight it never fought.

In a recent TV debate, a Pakistan based TV news channel called 92 news, claimed that Pakistan's political map, depicting Kashmir as...

Muslims keep disappearing in ‘magical’ China. Can anybody help them recover?

By Hollie McKayFirst Published September 17, 2020 by Fox News For Ziba Murat, waiting for word of what became...
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