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Attack on Holiday Inn, Najran, Saudi Arabia, 23 April 2000

Engr. Arshad Ali Khan, UmmaaBroadcasting discussing the reasons behind the attack on governor Mishal residing in Holiday Inn, Najran, Kingdom of Saudi...

COAS – Pakistan, General Bajwa, Must Back-Off: Arshad Ali Khan

This audio was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee on 24 March 2022 by Arshad Ali Khan for General Bajwa to immediately Back off...

Listen Carefully Muslims (Boxer Muhammad Ali, Dr. Zakir Naik & Louis FarraKhan) & Tulsi vs Biden

English Communication Worldwide, the muslim perspective. Arshad Ali Khan explaining how the communication gap between 2+ Billion Muslims and Rest of the...

No one in India can save Muslims from Genocide in the hands of terrorist hindutva?

Ladies & Gents, we Recvd video, from Indian muslim reliable sources, in USA. Shows Murdered Muslim's body, in his house, with Neighbours...

Why Sheikh Mujeeb ur Rehman can’t be blamed for division of Pakistan and fomation of Bangladesh?

Sheikh Mujeeb challenged the martial law and status quo and the military dictatorship got rid of him and entire Bangal. That's how...

50 years of Bangladesh celebrated in USA

Ummaa Broadcasting covering the event of 50 years of Bangladesh which was part of Pakistan.

Message to Prime Minister Imran Khan, PM House, Islamabad – Pakistan

Message to Prime Minister Imran Khan about the peoples demand against the present economic cancer. Near the check post in-fornt of the...

UmmaaBroadcasting in front of Embassy of Brazil in Islamabad.

The Afghanistan Crisis is converting into humanitarian crises. Brazil is one of the countries helping Afghans get out of the Taliban zone.

Interview with Major (R) Yaqub, Senior Leader of Tehrik e Labbaik Pakistan, TLP, Islamabad.

UmmaaBroadcasting conducted a detailed session with top leadership of most famous and most powerful religious political party of Pakistan, Tehrik-e-Labbaik Pakistan, that...


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