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Hindutva can’t tolerate a hindu meeting with any Muslim? Amitabh Bachan criticized over meeting Anil Mussarat’s family.

In a recent hindutva conservative thrashing, the bollywood legend Amitabh Bachan was criticized for meeting a Pakistan born British businessman, Anil Mussarat and his family. An RSS activist blamed without any evidence that Mussrat brothers have close connection with Pak Army, ISI or Prime Minister Imran Khan. Musarrat, on the other hand has connections and family relations with several bollywood stars for many decades.

It is important to see that the conservative hindutva RSS terrorists have no tolerance for any hindu meeting with any person with a Muslim name, even in 21st century, despite being involved in genocide of millions of Muslims in the Hindutva Republic in 8 decades.

Earlier, Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan exposed hindutva in the pre-recorded speech for General Debate, 75th Session at United Nations.

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