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Proposed: US Fed-Case Vs Hindutva-MODI-Rss/Nazi’ism

From: Arshad Khan
Date: Fri, Sep 6, 2:52 PM

to: American, JJ, Tanveer, HARDEV, newsletters, UMMAA@UMMAABroadcasting.Org, etc….etc…

Mr JJ: AGAIN read our US Case, several times, below, unless you cannot read..?

Our US CASE, is to STOP MODI(RSS/Hindutva/NAZI-type/in-COMMAND-of-GENOCIDES of Christians/Daalits/Muslims)…from using AMERICAN Tax payers $$(from American HINDU NGos/Tax-exempt) to conduct POLITICAL RALLY inside OUR USA/Houston

Case shall ask Our Fed Court, to BAN ALL 501C Hindus-Ngo(approx 500 US-Tax-Exempt), that providing US Tax-Payers $$ for MODI/NAZI-Hindutva-idealogy’s Political Rally in HOUSTON

YOU Disguised as MUSLIM, but YOU are a COVERT-FOREIGN-Agent(serious CRIME in OUR USA) for Hindutva-MODI/RAW/Rss/BJP/VHP/BajRangDal/NAZI-idealogy…if OUR US GOVT finds you anywhere in our USA, you will be behind BARS for decades..

Arshad A Khan(twitter: (@Arshad_USA ); member/Journalists-without-Borders ( www.UmmaaBroadcasting.US );
UMMAA Broadcasting LLC; American Media Company
(media-member/Rolla Chamber of Commerce, State of Missouri, USA


On Thu, Sep 5, 2019 at 4:52 PM JJ j.jamshaid@……… wrote to UMMAABroadcasting@gmail.com:

Sorry old Chap. “USA Courts have no jurisdiction/zero jurisdiction; beyond USA borders.” USA Courts are only Legal inside USA, they have no authority legally outside USA borders OR around the world. Can you understand this??

_________________________________________________________________________ From: Arshad Khan
Date: Thu, Sep 5, 2019 at 3:32 PM
Subject: Re: US Fed-Court Case
Cc: The New Yorker ,Black Lives Matter Mem , Shanika Douglas , Tami Sawyer , Andre Writer, Viviana Fernandez , Kristen Vonasek, Yahya Hendi, Rep. John Deberry, Women in the World, Liza Anderson

Hello Mgmnt @ Gibson Dunn Law Firm, NYC:
Ref my below email-request of Sept 3, 2019

Greetings from American Working Class media. March 2007, established “UMMAA Broadcasting, Rolla, Missouri”, & opened Company account at our Phelps County Bank(decades back, bank target for Jesse James..he stayed in hick town nearby, where next to RR crossing is a OLD-Tavern)..a working class supv @ Bank did herself the paper-work/registration of UMMAA Broadcasting Co, with state of Missouri..now we LLC..

Within a week of becoming media-member/Rolla Chamber of Commerce, we published simple paper(typed at Rolla public library), an editorial stating somewhat, that None of our Congress-Folk Kids wounded/dying in iraq, only poor Americans working-class kids dying/wounded in iraq…also asked, why WE attacking iraq to get their OIL..?..its Same as Jesse James Robbery.

Within few days, knock on my door..thru eyepiece seen 2 gents in black suits standing..thought they Jehovahs witness..many preachers in Phelps County…opening door i said: thanks preachers, but me flying tomorrow to NYC & very busy…both said: Mr Khan we NOT preachers, we from FBI & State-police…asked them if they have WARRANT..they said NO, but could they just chat with me 5 mts…

I kept them for an hour, reminding them our US Constitutional values, that we/Journalists represent them(working class) to educate folks from bottoms-up & to make accountable the TOP-powerful(that is FIRST Amendment

Am still 100% confident, that you all in my old NYC, will positively respond & Get injunction, or whatever Attorneys call ORDER of our Fed Judge. An ORDER to Stop MODI of RSS-Nazi-idealogy, from Holding Political-PUBLIC Mtng in middle of our HOUSTON, using American Tax-Payer HARD-earned $ of the 500 Non-profits{who Organizing this POLITICAL Rally in Houston} to BENEFIT Rss-idealogy(Nazi type.

Back in 1971, lived in Bronx, Opp Old Columbia U campus in Rooming House, sleeping on Floor(after MS-engg/Suny-Buffalo…from same Bronx area finally a working class Congresswoman is CHALLENGING Super-Rich Super-Powerful Buddy/Buddy US-CONGRESS(today very sad, as decades back from KS, Dole/Kassebaum/JanMeyers/DanMoore were REAL-Reps of working class.. used to talk with them in-person..they would have by NOW taken ACTION in Congress, to Stop Modi(Rss-Hindutva-Nazi-idealogy) from making political speeches in our USA

Dear Mgmnt of Gibson Dunn: PLEASE HELP Working-class Americans & take this Case.
We/American Working Class, shall beg-borrow on Streets of our USA, to pay for this CASE.

Please advise, what next step required by any ONE of your Attorney(maybe Ms Khan/ex-Justice-deptt; your new brilliant attorney can be assigned) to immediately Start this Case in US Fed Court..

Arshad A Khan(PE/Kansas’80; American-member/Journalists-sans-frontiers) www.UmmaaBroadcasting.US


On Tue, Sep 3, 2019 at 4:15 PM Arshad Khan ummaabroadcastingwrote:
To: Ms Liz Valdsamis Communications Manager

Hello Ms Liz Valsamis, Gibson Dunn Law Firm/NYC:

Our Plan is to immediately file Case in US Fed-Court, to Stop on-going Muslims Genocide(by India’s PM-Modi/RSS/Hindutva-idealogy) in Occupied Kashmir & allover India ..THOUSANDS of videos, news-items, etc, worldwide circulating 24/7, to prove. UK MP’s issued letters condemning Genocide. CNN/BBC/NYtimes/Sky-news/etc stating same, etc

We Propose to file Case in US Federal Court, against INDIA’S RSS/Hindutva-MODI, as THEY committing GENOCIDE of Millions-MUSLIMS (Rapes, Murders, Torture, Eyes-Blinding, etc) in indian Occupied Jammu-Kashmir & allover india….in 2002, same RSS/Hindutva-MODI committed GENOCIDE of Tens of Thousands of MUSLIMS in Gujaarat/india…same RSS-Modi/BJP/Hindutva-idealogy(as Nazi) did GENOCIDE of Thousands of Muslims @ Ayodiah/india

Rss/Modi/Hindutva-idealogy also supported with guns/$$ the Muslims Genocide in Burma(executed by Aung-Suu-Ki & Budhist-MONKS inside Burma

Our Federal Case should initially Request injunction against MODI to travel to Houston(his plan for last week Sept) for Political-Public SPEECH in a PUBLIC place, financed by American-Hindu’s about 500 Ngos(non-profit under IRS). We have seen Congressman Ro Khanna statement against Hindutva-idealogy, of which MODI is the Front-Face.
Hindutva-idealogy of RSS/VHP/Bjp/Modi committed Genocide in 2002 in Gujaarat, due to which our US Gov then cancelled his US visa.

Therefore, MODI must be restricted to attending UN only…he must NOT be allowed by our US-Gov /Trump to make a Political Public Rally in Houston, with FINANCE from American Hindu Non-Profit NGOs…Also, Our Case must demand, that the approx 500 Hindu NGOs(Non Profit under IRS) MUST be Banned in Our USA for supporting RSS/Hindutva-idealogy(Nazi type)

Please ask your attorneys, the avenues/legalities to URGENTLY File our Case in a US Federal Court

Would like to discuss Logistics & Cost. Please advice.

Regards, Arshad Ali Khan/Memphis
google: UMMAA Broadcasting, Rolla, Missouri USA(American Media Co)

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Salim Shaikh salims….. [Irving_Muslims]
Date: Fri, Sep 20, 2019 at 5:21 PM
Subject: Greatest Jihad is to speak the word of truth against the face of a tyrant
To: irving_muslims ; Arshad Khan

Americans, by and large, are so permissive of government abuse, intrusion, corruption, cruelty, and stupidity that they rarely protest.

Commitment to protest requires personal sacrifice. In our social atmosphere of extreme busyness and screwed up priorities, participation in social causes is now too risky, too inconvenient, and not so entertaining. Life has become a hamster wheel of superfluous labor and deliberate distractions.

If Muslim were to include in such a living, would that align with his (Allah’s slave) ultimate goal of pleasing HIM? of course not, we are taught to stand for Just causes and stop Dhulm (oppression/tyranny)
At no point any tyrant should ever feel comfortable in his tyranny. Modi should learn that he is not welcome here and let him feel some pressure despite his 50,000 supporters ready to greet him.

Let’s join this Sunday the 22nd with Muslims for Kashmir against Modi and Hindu Fascism
Greatest Jihad (a great effort) is to speak the word of truth against the face of a tyrant. -Musnad Aḥmad

Posted by: Salim Shaikh ………


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