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Democracy in US Democrat Party(#BlueWave2019)

From: Arshad Khan 
Date: Wed, Nov 6, 2019 at 7:56 PM
Subject: Democracy in US Democrat Party(#BlueWave2019)
To: Asif Akbar, Alina Khan U San Antonio, Russell Berman , TAFAZZUL HUSSAIN , dr.aslam abdullah, Hina Zafar , Engr Iqbal Khan, Adel Elsaie , I Hooper, Jamil Siddiqui , Javed Khan BJP, Lena Masri, Omar Noureldin , Malik Mujahid, zehra wamiq , Zubaida Siddiqui , Zahid Babar

Arshad Khan, UMMAA Broadcasting, Rolla USA (@arshad_usa) Tweeted:-
   Democrats Beat TRUMP 2020 ONLY if They Listen to Americans & STOP Powerful Democrats Forcing PARTY elect BIDEN…Get BERNIE/WARREN/AnyOneElse…OBAMA/Clinton STOP Covert Support BIDEN…DEMAND Democracy in DEMOC Party…Journalist, Arshad Khan/Memphis(www.UmmaaBroadcasting.US)    #BlueWave2019    https://twitter.com/arshad_usa/status/1192089972792315904?s=17

Ummaa Broadcastinghttps://www.ummaabroadcasting.us
Continuing public service programs in the field of political and social issues relevant to Muslims produced and distributed over television, satellite, film, audio, video, internet, and 3-D virtual reality media. Media Member: Rolla Chamber of Commerce, Missouri-65401 PMP-120, 1910 Madison Avenue, Memphis, TN – 38104


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