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Corporate Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi challenged by Shahid Buttar

House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi is being challenged on the November ballot by democratic socialist Shahid Buttar, who is running on a staunch progressive platform for Pelosi’s Congressional seat in California. Buttar joins Pushback to discuss his campaign against the country’s most powerful Democrat. Guest: Shahid Buttar, Congressional candidate challenging Nancy Pelosi in CA-12. https://shahidforchange.us/

Pushback with Aaron Maté

#shahidvspelosi  https://t.co/OXbXyHWX8L https://twitter.com/RamanathanRadha/status/1288524528667119616?s=20.     …….Rgrds, Journalist Arshad Khan/Murfreesboro_Nashville (tweets @Arshad_USA  ; www.UMMAABroadcasting.US)…Above video of #ShahidVsPelosi & #PelosiMustGo B’c SHE Against(WorkClass/80%USA; #HumanRights of 2300-Million-Muslims ww; #BlackLivesMatter ; Africans Human Rights; FREE_Kashmir_Falasteen; etc, etc).

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