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US Senate Race/Breonna Taylor Murder/Kentucky: YouTube…

If Senate candidate Amy McGrath (D-Ky.) is to mount a serious challenge to majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) in November, she’ll need strong support from black voters. But after a spirited primary amid growing calls for racial justice following the police killing of Breonna Taylor, black leaders in Kentucky say McGrath needs to earn their vote. Read more: https://wapo.st/2AXGW1U.

Our Position@US_Senate Race/Kentucky:- VIDEO PROVES, that CORRUPT_DNC is AGAINST, HUMAN_RIGHTS OF AMERICAN WORK_CLASS & Against BLM…B’cause DNC (from OUTSIDE Kentucky) GAVE MILLIONS$$ TO Elite_MsAmyMcGrath, To DEFEAT Candidate of Kentucky’s PEOPLE(WorkClass:MrBooker)…

Video Proves, that OBAMA/PELOSI/SCHUMER/HILLARY/WallSt &Filthy_RICH, are AGAINST AMERICAN WORK_CLASS(80% USA), & THEY ALL AGAINST the BLM_Demands for Human_Rights…its SAD & SICKENING, Today, in Our USA…

People gather for a vigil honoring Breonna Taylor in Harlem, N.Y. on Friday. (Holly Pickett/For The Washington Post)
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